Who is Jayde


The Skin Shop

Hello there! Thank you so much for getting to know me better and finding out how this community was inspired for someone just like yourself. This quote in the picture above alongside my photo, summarises my CORE PASSION. 

I have an immense love for helping, helping anyone just to simply feel better... internally, externally and most importantly emotionally through being mindfuI.

I am certainly not perfect but its incredible how much we learn from others and how we as people flourish when we help someone else. Please pay it forward. 


I am a qualified and certified Functional Medicine Health Coach as well as a Skincare Somatologist with over 15 years of health and wellness experience. Basically what that means is that I believe whatever is going on inside the body will show externally, and that its hugely beneficial to treat health and skin issues holistically.

It is vital to not only care for your external appearance but to nurture your physical and mental health too. These different facets are all connected – whatever goes on inside your bloodstream permeates through to your skin. 

Good nutrition habits, lifestyle, supplements, exercise and mental wellbeing exercises contribute to keeping your cortisol levels down and allow you to feel great therefore look great.


I decided to create The Skin Shop for anyone wanting some sort of positive change in their life. This is a pace where you can access where they could access trusted healthcare products and resources in one place. Everything I promote and retail I have reviewed and tried myself. That is my promise to you.


My goal is to help as many people to meet their health goals, ensuring they feel great and supported through their journey and give honest and valuable tools along the way. 

Thank you for joining me and entrusting me in your health journey – it’s time for you to shine.