Ten things to completely change your skin

Ten things to completely change your skin

To get a noticeable change in your skin you need to have a PLAN, just like with anything else in life, you need a plan and you need to stay consistent with it.

Here is your simple checklist to get to your skin goals super fast!

Find a highly qualified Somatologist or Esthetician that has at least 8 - 10 years minimum experience in skincare, wellness and aesthetics. These are qualified professionals that understand the skin and the biology of the body as a full spectrum and who knows what they are talking about through experience and academic qualifications. Book a consultation and receive expert advice on what you require to achieve the results you need to feel confident in your skin.

Decide what monthly budget you can allocate to your skincare products and treatments and discuss this with your esthetician so that you have a realistic and affordable budget to work with to stay on track and devote to your skin health.

Commit to your treatment plan by booking treatments in advance and budgeting for them. Use your products that have been prescribed to you morning and night. Remember, you treat your skin twice a day so it is out of your therapists control if you don't do your home care plan as you will only see her once every 3 - 5 weeks depending on what treatments you will be doing. You can expect to build muscles by going to see a personal trainer once a month so you cant expect to achieve your skin goals without putting in the work at home for your therapist.

Your skin is your largest organ, whatever is going on inside your blood stream ( nutrition, supplements, water, hormones, medication ) will reflect through your blood into your skin. It is vital to chat to your therapist or a health coach on what INTERNAL plan is going to speed up your results so that your skin cells are living in a healthy body.

Every 25 - 30 days your old dirty dead skin cells will surface onto the skin and should be removed to make space for new healthy skin to come through. The best way to get rid of this are as follows:

At home:
Exfoliating your skin at least 3 times per week as well as using a microfibre face cloth to wipe the skin after cleansing

In Clinic:
Regular enzyme or chemical peels or a derma-planing treatment

The sun and indirect sunlight can cause serious damage to the texture of your skin and the complexion of your skin therefore wearing anything lower than a SPF 30 is a must. Wearing an SPF 50 moisturiser that is oil-free is my recommended option as it the same as placing tin foil all over your face to shield it from sun damage. 

Sun exposure breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin which is what speeds up wrinkles and sagging.

Buying products at a store that you can physically take off the shelf and choose for yourself is never optimal when you are wanting to obtain dermal restructure in your skin. Don't be fooled by the fancy marketing advertising ingredients that you think will work, the percentages of these ingredients in on-shelf products will never be as effective as the high percentages in a clinical brand you can have prescribed to you. Your somatologist is trained to prescribe ACTIVE skincare ingredients for your SPECIFIC skin goals.

Supplementation and vitamins are critical for your overall health and skin health if you aren't getting the adequate amounts through your diet that is. We are all busy and its extremely difficult to monitor the food groups you are taking in on a daily basis. Therefore ensure you are taking a high quality multivitamin as well as a collagen supplement. Collagen HYDROSYLATE is the only collagen you should ever consume as its in its purest powder form and absorbs quickly into the blood stream. Tablets and gel capsules are a massive no no! Keep it clean and pure.

Cleansing your skin is a big part of the skin renewal process, your face should be cleansed TWICE and not once, The first cleanse is removing bacteria, oils, make up residue and perspiration off of the skin and the second cleanse is actually cleansing the pore of the skin.

After 90 days of using your skincare products and specific treatments, CHANGE IT UP! Your skin is stimulated when you change your ingredients so that it doesn't become complacent. Change it up and keep shocking it as it adjusts very quickly to what we do it therefore we need to keep it on its toes for better results. 

Please send any questions or comments to me here and I would love to help you with a FREE virtual call consultation for the first fifteen minutes.

Love Jayde  

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