Product Review: The best detoxing product I have ever used !

Product Review: The best detoxing product I have ever used !

So during lockdown it is inevitable that some of us have over indulged in the wrong food groups, maybe a few too many glasses of rosè along with not being as active as we most likely should have been. well this definitely has applied to me to say the least. 

The stress of all the changes that have affected us would have obvious emotional affects on our food or alcohol intake. 

Last week I decided to review a product thats been sitting in my 'review' cupboard and this appeared to be the perfect opportunity as my body as been craving a cleanse and a reset from the inside out. This is what it looks like: 


So firstly the contents looks like a powder,  when I opened the jar I was expecting an unpleasant smell but thankfully there is zero fragrance which was awesome!

The instructions guide you to place two teaspoons into a glass of filtered water or juice in the morning ( I opted to go the water route to see if there was a distinct taste ), mix it all together and rather drink it all in one go as opposed to sipping it.

To my surprise there was NO nasty taste and was not unpleasant at all, in fact it was immediately soothing as I've been feeling rather acidic and suffering from heart burn due to acidic dietary choices. There were no nasty side effects during the day like some of the other ones that make you feel quite drained or fatigued. 

In the evening I drank another two teaspoons in some water after supper, this continued for the next five days and I cannot express how my constant bloated feeling and acidity has slowly disappeared. I really battle to drink water and this made me feel quite thirsty which helped me get my 1.5 L minimum in per day which is super hard me to do during the winter...

As you will see on my site, all my products are ones that I have personally used, tried and tested, this is not a paid review but just pure honesty and Im hoping to help someone else out there with similar health speed bumps.

Thanks so much for reading my review and please pop me a mail from my 'contact us' page if you need any help.

If would like to purchase a zeolite detox powder you can click this link to my online store:

Love Jayde 

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